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Secret Keepers Book 1 Chapter 3 – Live Event Reading Replay

Hello again!

Continuing the leave readings from my upcoming books. This Saturday’s reading was from chapter 3 of Secret Keepers Book 1: The Sleeper’s Wake. You can watch the replay below!

This week we met the second two of the story’s three protagonists, Hetty and Henley Giltmen – two girls who, live our first protagonist last week, have grown up under the shadow of events that happened before they were even born (See the chapter 1 reading here). How do the things that happened before us influence our personal lives? How do we respond to these things, and move forward from them? These are the questions that all three characters will have to ask, eventually.

They also may find themselves fighting body snatchers at some point…

I will be reading a few more chapters from this book live on my Facebook page. Future readings will be on Saturdays. I hope to see you there!

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