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Suspensful, Intense, and twisty

Tabitha Griffith - Avid Reader
Their world ended.
Their parents may have caused it.
Now, 14-year-old Sean and Mylee might just hold the key to humanity’s future…
if they can unravel their parents’ secrets…
and survive…
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First, an attack on the government.

Then come the shadows, and the creatures in the shadows.

Then their neighbors start disappearing.

And finally, their father, the genius scientist, arrives with a military strike force and sweeps them off to his secret lab where he says they will sleep.

Years later, fourteen-year-old Sean and Mylee wake, alone, in the desolate ruin of their city…

Or has it been decades?

Or centuries?

All Sean and Mylee know is that, at some point, the “shadows” won. All they can depend on is each other.

But in this race to survive against genetically-engineered super-killers, might even the shadows be more than they seem?

Might Sean and Mylee be more than they seem?

Coming Soon