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Andrew - Early "Ogre" Reader

Ogres are monsters. Humans have secrets. But for Sean and Mylee, the greatest danger of all, may be what has awakened inside their own minds…

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Neither were their parents, the genius scientists, who’s attempts to “Improve on Evolution”—and association with a terrorist organization—led to genetically enhanced super-killers destroying the world. Now these Ogres rule the world’s one remaining city, farming Humans for food—except those Humans who escaped to the desert, where Sean and Mylee also have fled.

Humans have a problem: The Ogres, super-strong, super-intelligent, designed the exterminate Humanity, and driven to hunt and consume Human beings.
But the Ogres also have a problem: They can consume nothing that does not contain Human DNA.

Locked away in Sean and Mylee’s physiology lies the solution to both problems, the key for Humans and Ogres both to independence from each other—if only this tentative alliance between Humans and Ogres can survive long enough to find these solutions…
But more dangerous to the twins than either side may be what has awakened inside their own minds.

Latent powers will emerge. The bonds of family will be tested. Even monsters are not what they seem…

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