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The Remnants Universe | A New Dystopian Fiction Book Series

From One End... Many Begin...

Imagine a galaxy full of inhabited worlds, some human colonies, some alien homeworlds, some alien colonies, each with its own culture and language, customs.

Imagine a government that oversees it all, mediates between the groups of people, keeps the trade routes of both goods and knowledge open.

And imagine that one day, that government blows up…

When the galactic civilization collapses, scattered pockets of survivors clash with each other, with technology, and within themselves – finding God in the crossfire.

The Treaty Wars

The Be’Shon – the government that kept peace in the galaxy for hundreds of years – has fallen, its leadership killed, its army scattered and unable to regroup.

It started as an uprising, led by the human supremacist group, Viris – but then events escalated much more quickly than Viris anticipated.

With the central government gone, the individual planets begin to fall back on old alliances, then new alliances, then any alliances they can forge to hold off growing waves of hostility and violence.

In the chaos, Viris falls apart, alliances crack by the hour, the sides reconstruct themselves daily, until no one is sure who is fighting whom anymore. Xenophobia sets in. Refugees scramble back to the supposed safety of their ancestral homeworlds, only to find those homeworlds in as much chaos as the alien worlds they tried to leave behind.

In the end, nothing is left of the grand, galactic civilization – only scattered, fragmented pockets of survivors, struggling to rebuild…

Is it the end… or the beginning?

How do we come out of tragedy?

How do we rebuild after devastating loss?

The human race has done it many times before.

The unthinkable happens. Cities destroyed by natural disasters. Wars and famines and plagues. Governments overthrown. Entire civilizations wiped out.

Life as we know it just… gone…

But it never stays that way.

Throughout the violent chaos of human history, one thing has remained constant: After devastation, we rebuild.

One civilization dies, and another rises. New cities are built over the tops of the old ones. New governments. New ways of thinking, of being, of moving forward. All with traces of the old still visible inside new growth.

“I love how well thought out her worlds are !”

~ Carrie H. – Ogre Reviewer

Life goes on…

The Remnants Universe

This collection of interconnected books and book series began as a thought experiment: What happens to those left alive after a galactic-government that brought centuries of peace and stability collapses?

Having studied a fair amount of history, I believe the result would be much like what happened to Europe, northern Africa, and the Near East after the collapse of Rome. Isolated and fragmented groups of people would find themselves scrambling to survive in a suddenly very volatile world.

Some groups would be more isolated than others. Some would suffer greater disruption than others. Some would lose more knowledge and technology than others.

Trade routs would collapse, the sharing of information and technology would stop, xenophobia and isolationism would set in.

“This book is amazing, the way Shanna describes locations and scenery, her imagery is astounding. … It’s a fantastic Christian dystopian novel.”

~ Tabbitha Griffith – Secret Keepers Reviewer

Nonetheless, a certain homogeny would exist between the various and scattered groups. All would retain pieces of the civilization that once united them, commonalities in language, education, religion, and thought. No event is cataclysmic enough to totally erase these common threads from the social consciousness of a once long-united group of people.

I applied the same outcomes I read about in history to the collapse of my galactic-government in the thought exercise.

What emerged, I call the Remnants Universe.

Those who survive

Each book or series of books tells the story of a different group of survivors struggling to rebuild some sort of civilization.

“Wow, what a great story! I love the world that these characters are in.”

~ C. Krause – Secret Keepers Reviewer

Some are totally isolated from all other surviving civilizations. Some have retained more technology than others. Some stories take place hundreds of years after the collapse. Some immediately after it. Some groups have little or no history about what happened. Some know exactly what happened and why.

Though different, and spread all over the galaxy, all the survivors retain certain features of the central civilization that collapsed, words and phrases from the Be’shon language, its cultural values, its religion.

And for all of these groups, the struggle is the same: What type of people do they want to be? What kind of civilization will they build?

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