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Thank you for joining the Star Fall book study! By being here, you’re helping me to build a program for the future, so I wanted to make getting copies of the book as easy as possible.

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Thank you for joining the Star Fall book study! You are helping me to build a bible-centered book discussion program for future use in churches – in other words, my dream job, and the reason I went to graduate school all those years ago. And since you are helping me out, I want to make sure you have everything you need to participate in the conversation.

The study is based on Parts 1-3 of The Star Fall series. While these will ultimately be published as three separate books, for convenience sake, I have combined them here into one digital copy. All you need do is enter your email address to officially join the study’s email list and receive instructions on how to download the book and start reading!

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Note: I will be doing a limited print run of this combined book set, too. Unfortunately, printing does cost money (digital book delivery does not). If you cannot stand reading on your phone or computer, have never even heard of Kindle, or simply would really like a print copy, please contact me for details, in person or email: