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“Amazing book”

Three unlikely friends. An endless civil war. An inhuman enemy. When prejudice is law, can the children repair what their parents have broken?

See praise for Secret Keepers below.

A great imaginative read. This extremely well written story will take you on a great ride. It's an enjoyable story that keeps the reader engaged and eager to turn the page...

Amy Hoeppner - Secret Keepers Reader

This book is amazing, the way Shanna describes locations and scenery, her imagery is astounding. I love the way she gives the characters life and power and really brings them to life. This book is perfect for teens or adults. It's a fantastic Christian dystopian novel.

Tabbitha Griffith - Avid Reader

Wow, what a great story! I love the world that these characters are in. The high-class main character learning about the lower classes and how they are treated was really interesting. I'm enjoying the classism in the book and how it points to the social issues facing in America. Can't wait for the upcoming books!

C. Krause - Secret Keepers Reviewer

I love how well thought out her worlds are!

Carrie H. - Avid Reader