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The Dragon Maker is free. One girl stands in her way.

To save your friends… To save your family… To save the world… Would you face your own buried demons? Would you face Chaos incarnate? Would you face The Dragon?

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Ten thousand years ago, Tiamat the sorceress, mother of the gods, created a perfect, living weapon. So began the shape-shifting race of dragons, born of rage, made to kill immortals. And now, free at long last from the prison to which her children confined her, Tiamat calls all living dragons to her side.

Except one.

Scarlet Fielder is only one of thirteen dragon children rescued and raised by Tiamat’s living descendants, the Ageless, ancient gods of myth and legend. But when all of her friends, and her own brother, march out to join Tiamat’s rising, Scarlet alone escapes the summons, immune to her maker’s mind control.

But why?

Her new benefactor, the ancient trickster god Loki, clearly knows more than he’s saying. But how much?

And how far might Scarlet and Loki go to save the dragons, the Ageless, and Earth, before Tiamat destroys them all?

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