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Stranded and alone. The war is over. No rescue is coming. They have one chance to survive – at a terrible price…

When all is lost, what do you fight for?

Get Blackout the opening novella of the Star Fall Series free and start reading now. Just let me know where to send it.

“I am blown away.” ~ Pat, retired teacher

I love how well thought out your worlds are!

Carrie Krause - Editor

Listen to an Excerpt from the Audio Book – Blackout: Star Fall Series Part 1

The Remnants Universe

Stranded and alone… Fighting an endless war… Dropped into a brutal world they do not understand…

When a galactic civilization collapses, what will survive – their worst natures, or a higher calling?

Watch faith persevere over tragedy, friendship over prejudice, love over fear, in these interconnected stories about the making of better worlds.

Shanna Terese Books

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