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“Amazing book”

Three unlikely friends. An endless civil war. An inhuman enemy. When prejudice is law, can the children repair what their parents have broken?

This book is suspenseful, intense, and twisty - and I love it!

Tabitha Griffith - Avid Reader

I love how well thought out her worlds are !

Carrie H. - Avid Reader

The Remnants Universe

The Remnants Universe from Shanna Terese BooksFrom one end, many begin…

When the galactic civilization collapses, scattered pockets of survivors clash with each other, with technology, and within themselves – finding God in the crossfire.

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Wow, what a great story ... Can't wait for the upcoming books!

C. Krause - Secret Keepers Reviewer

The Watchers’ Universe

Born of Evil | Destined for Good

They were the angels of old, tasked by God to watch over the earth – choosing to corrupt humanity instead. Their progeny became the monsters, the gods, the creatures of myth. And now that progeny must choose for itself, good or evil, life or death, in this coming of age tale of redemption, rebirth, and the divine war with chaos.

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